Doddridge County Amateur Radio Society
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  146.955 (kd8lem) repeater is  on the air. - offset and pl tone of    103.5.  There  is no net  check.    

  thank you very much.  The repeater is working right now, but  hopefully by midsummer will

be up and running even better.


   Clarksburg repeater 147.165, + offset and pl tone of 91.5 is back

   ON THE AIR_ 147.165 is back on the air. Net check -Swap shop

   every thursday evening at 8pm.

   146.685, - offset and pl tone of 103.5 is BACK ON the air. Net

   check is every thursday evening at 8pm.

    147.300  Pennsboro repeater with pl tone of  107.2. Net

    check is every thursday evening at 9pm.

     147.360 Middlebourne repeater with pl tone of  110.9. Net

     check is every monday evening at 9pm.

      147.210 Clarksburg repeater with pl tone of 103.5. Net

      check is every Tuesday evening at 8pm.


      READ THE WRITE OUT ON DRILL.  Brought alot of

    doddridge county together for the area..





          WEST UNION WV, Repeater System Infromation!!!!

     Repeater is on the air.. we have raised the antenna up more but do not have the main antenna, a station master  up yet.

please try it out. hope to year ya on the air.

 The freq. is 146.955 with pl tone of 103.5 and - off set. 

     If you see someone buying to many cell phones  please Contact

West Virginia WATCH(thru wv State Police).   1-866-wv watch .. 

POISON CONTROL,  1-800-222-1222 ..                                                             


  Christmas Dinner is Saturday Dec. 12, 2009 at 5:30 pm at the Cottage Corner in Salem.  HO HO HO. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!   

hello everyone, ImageImage
welcome to dcars home page
we are located in west union wv,
if your a ham radio operator or a                  Image
non ham wanting to learn about the
world of amateur radio. come give us
a visit..
our club meetings are the last tuesday
of every month at 7-pm at the Senior Citizen Building  in west union,  WV.

Take a look at club pictures and other group pictures.

Under Blog is minutes of previous meetings for anyone interested in reading them or leaving a message.

Also please sign the Guest Map.  so we can see whom is visiting us..
any questions email us at  dcars_radio@yahoo.com  or Leave message on blog. 

also contact us at  p.o box 64, West Union, 26256

or call 304-782-3031.
73's-- God Bless, come visit---all  welcome

July 30th,  2013 at westunion senior citizens building at 7pm,

this is a tuesday evening.  come on over. glad to meet ya.!!!!


     DCARS has a club membership of 20 members.

     DCARS was formed in 2005.  

     New Officers to take effect as of Jan. 2009.

     Club President- Tammy McGinnis-WV8TM

      Vice Pres.-  Treasurer- Joyce Bea-kd8exv

            Ast. treasurer-Tammy Mcginnis-kc8jko

            Secretary-Sam Mcginnis-WV8SRM

             Board of Directors:

                   Waine Nicholson-ab8uh

                   Paul Martin-kd8lbw

                       Membership listing  2009:

        JIM HILL-AB8ED-membership 2010 pd

        WAINE NICHOLSON-AB8UH-membership 2010 pd

         BARB B. NICHOLSON-KD8CTO-membership 2010 pd

         FOREST WELCH-KC8GIL-membership 2010 pd



         JOYCE BEA-KD8EXV-membership 2010 pd

         PAUL MARTIN-KD8LBW-membership 2009 pd



         SAMUEL MCGINNIS-WV8SRM--WAS-KD8CTP-membership 2010pd

         TAMMY MCGINNIS-WV8TM--WAS-KC8JKO-membership 2010 pd


         FRAN STEWART-HONORARY-membership 2009

         DAVE(BRUCE) SANDRIDGE-HONORARY-membership 2009

         WILLARD CUTRIGHT-HONORARY-membership 2009

         STEVE MEADE-WV8SM-membership 2009 pd

         CHARLES B LANGFITT- membership 2010 pd

         RICK  HYRE-N8BEX-WAS--KD8FLG-membership 2010 pd

        MARY HYRE-W8BEX--WAS--KD8FLF-membership 2010 pd


 Meeting will be 08-31-2010  at the west union senior citizens building

in West Union at 7pm.  Come on down and visit and meet other hams

in the area.  Hope to See ya there....

 u do not have to be a ham,  


 we can even help to get you  the information and started in

studing  for licensing. come on down and see us..

       Any Questions please call  782-3031 or  send email at   dcars_radio@yahoo.com                                                                                         

Everyone's,welcome to come and visit . 

Hope to see ya there... 73's God Bless....



   dcars has a shop n swap site now which is connect to our main dcars site here..

   Anything for sale, trade, looking for and so on..


  come check us out.. we are just getting started. anything u want added to

the site. please read and send in the information.. 

Please check the blog for sales stuff or anything wanted..

come on over and check it out...




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